Running on the Beach

What’s one of the best free workouts in your area?  Beach running.  When you live near a beach, the sand affords you a wonderfully soft running surface, and an amazing view.  Your run on the beach can be extremely challenging especially if you run in deep sand. Or, it can be just as easy as a run in the park.  Below are some things to consider to help you enjoy your run by the sea.

Check the Tides
A low tide creates the most level, hard-packed surface for running.  Ideally, you want to run at the lowest tide of the day, or an hour or two around the lowest point, and stay close to the water’s edge without getting your feet wet. Running at high tide leaves you with just soft, dry sand, as the tide is rising and taking over more and more of the beach. While that can offer a great workout, you might not get very far before getting completely exhausted.

Gear Up
Be sure to pack sunscreen for your run, as the water will reflect UV rays back at you.  Even on a cloudy day, it can be surprisingly harsh – and if you intend to make a habit of beach running, that exposure can really add up.

Also, don’t forget sunglasses and a hat to keep the sun from blinding you as you run.  If you decide that beach running is something you want to do a lot of, you may find yourself wanting to invest shoes made of a tighter mesh than normal running shoes, to keep the sand at bay.

Get to It
Now you’re ready. Go out and pick the best beach in your area and go! And don’t forget that after a long and hot run on the beach, the ocean is right there, and is begging you to cool off. The water here in California is pretty cold, but it’s always nice to kick off your shoes for a quick dip.

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