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   Oct 14

Irvine Personal Training: Next Level Fitness

It’s fairly common to hear people joking about buying fitness memberships and never using them. Too many people buy the membership and assume the job is largely done. In reality, you have to put in the time and challenge yourself. Even most of the people who DO make it to the gym don’t push themselves as hard as they need to to get the results they want.

Obviously, many of us would love to have the funds to hire a dedicated personal trainer who would come to our homes and whip us into shape. For those who can’t, though, there are personal training gyms like Next Level Fitness in Irvine. At Next Level, they have an entire staff of personal trainers ready to work one-on-one and learn about your specific goals and needs – but because they’re at one location and able to easily rotate between clients (instead of wasting time driving all over the place), you get the benefit of a personal trainer at a price that’s much closer to traditional gym memberships.

Next Level also has a variety of other useful perks for members. They have a pro shop where you can fill many of your fitness and supplement needs, and they offer spray tanning on-site. For those who enjoy mixing things up with the occasional class, they also offer Zumba, yoga, and boot camp fitness training. Also on-site is the Next Level Wellness Center, where you can get massage and chiropractic services, among other things.

Although Irvine may not be a convenient location for EVERYONE in Orange County, there are likely similar personal training gyms in other parts of the region, too. Feel free to comment if you’re aware of any good ones.

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