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   Feb 05

Running on the Beach

What’s one of the best free workouts in your area?  Beach running.  When you live near a beach, the sand affords you a wonderfully soft running surface, and an amazing view.  Your run on the beach can be extremely challenging especially if you run in deep sand. Or, it can be just as easy as […]

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   Sep 25

Going Orange in OC

What’s the exercise fad that’s been popping up all over this country, with a scientific twist? It’s Orangetheory Fitness, an amazing group high intensity, interval training led by a professional personal trainer.  Supporters say that this workout is more than just a theory, that it is based on science.  It is completely about training in […]

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   Aug 25

Bikram Yoga

Is your exercise regimen just getting dull?  Why not shake things up with a Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga class?  Bikram yoga is performed in a room heated to nearly 105 degree F, with a humidity of 40 percent.  A vigorous yoga, Bikram is typically a ninety minute program consisting of twenty-six postures.  All postures […]

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   Nov 22

Orange County Flying Trapeze

Circus skills have become increasingly mainstream over the past 10 years or so, and while you’re still not likely to see the average housewife breathing fire, a lot of people have given the flying trapeze a try. It’s a great adrenaline rush, and it’s one of those activities that’s amazingly fun at almost any skill […]

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   Jan 02

Selecting Your Best Personal Trainer

So you’ve gotten to the point in your weight loss, that you are in need of that little extra push to keep going.  Or maybe your already in the best shape of your life, and you feel the need to kick it up that extra notch.  Whatever your own reason may be, you’ve decided it’s […]

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   Oct 14

Irvine Personal Training: Next Level Fitness

It’s fairly common to hear people joking about buying fitness memberships and never using them. Too many people buy the membership and assume the job is largely done. In reality, you have to put in the time and challenge yourself. Even most of the people who DO make it to the gym don’t push themselves […]

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   Sep 20

Walking trails

Looking to get in your morning workout, and yet be able to connect with nature?  Or maybe it’s your evening workout, and you need to unwind from the day?  Better than any gym at this time, is natural walking trails. Somewhat remote and removed, lined with trees, and a plethora of natures creatures.  Walking trails […]

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   Sep 03

Choosing the Gym Which is Right for You

Deciding which gym is the right fit for you can be a daunting task but it need not be.  Everyone knows the criteria they need for a gym to fit into their lifestyle, what you must do is search out and find the gym which fits you best.  See which offers the activities and classes […]

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