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   Dec 20

Boot Camp



Maybe you’ve read the term in a fitness magazine, or maybe you’ve seen the flyers posted around your local gym.  But, just what is a Boot Camp class?  A boot camp fitness class is a normally outdoor (but not always) group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises, with interval training and strength training.  Most of these classes are designed in such a way that they push the students much harder than they would ever push themselves.  Getting quicker and better results than training alone, and somewhat resemble a military boot camp.

Most boot camps offer a small group experience. (from 6 to 10 individuals) One underlying component of a good boot camp fitness class is creating a spirit of teamwork and group support. To do so, some fitness boot camp owners have started to focus their classes to cater to a specific group or those with a specific goal. The types of fitness boot camps that are available are endless. If you are seeking a specialized class or have a specific fitness goal, you will probably find a boot camp that meets your needs.

There are several different types of boot camps available in most areas.  Different groups with different goals, such as boot camp for children, for women, and for weight loss.  Which type of group is the one for you, is something you will have to decide based upon your own fitness goals.  But, which ever type you choose, know that a Boot Camp will give you the work out of a life time.

10 Boot Camp Classes Offered in

the Irvine Area

1. Total Training Boot Camp

2. Irvine Fit Body Boot Camp

3. Orange CountyAdventure Boot Camp

4. Team Hybrid Fitness

5. Code Pink Women’s Fitness Boot Camp

6. Velocity Sports Performance

7. Bodyworks Lifestyle

8. Custom Bodies Fitness

9. Lean Body Boot Camp

10. ASOfit

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