Best Self Serve Frozen Yogurt in Irvine?

menchiesReaders, I’m curious – what’s your go-to place for a post-workout serving of froyo? ¬†For me, it’s all about Menchie’s self serve frozen yogurt. Love the atmosphere, love the flavors and toppings. I’m always hesitant to venture anywhere else because some places either don’t have the toppings I like, or they don’t keep things clean enough – but still, I’m open to some variety.

So let’s hear it. If you’re out and about and looking for frozen yogurt, where do you go? And are you a self serve person, or do you prefer to have it made for you? Personally, I prefer the DIY approach since other people never seem to get the ratios quite right – but I know some people don’t like the “salad bar” approach.

Tell me what you love – and why!

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